Winter is Here and So are the Tips for Lexus Drivers

All credits to the meticulous testing the Lexus models go through which makes your ride super comfortable in winters as well. There was even an extreme test conducted where it involved watering down the vehicles and then freezing them in sub-zero temperatures for weeks then they were monitored for their cold weather resistance. But no matter how resistant your Lexus ride is, consider these best practices for colder months in maintenance as well as getting ready to drive.

  1. Consider a battery replacement

The numero uno cold weather issue in Lexus vehicles is the battery failure. The batteries are surely of high quality but when it is reaching the end of its service life, the cold weather will expose any end of life weaknesses. Get your battery tested by the Lexus service team and if needed, replace it before the winter comes.

  1. Be gentle and careful with the frozen wipers and windows

If your windshield wipers or windows are frozen, prevent yourself by forcing them open through the controls as it tends to strain the motorized parts. Rather than this, just pour warm water over the frozen parts in order to melt the ice and then wipe it away immediately to avoid the refreezing. When you are parking outdoors with heavy snow or icy conditions, shift the rest position of the windshield wipers from the retracted angle below the hood to raise it with the help of the wiper lever.

  1. Make the use of the right washer fluid for your area

Use the Lexus approved washer fluid for your Lexus SUV vehicles. If you have your fluids inspected on a regular basis, then you are good. If you ever need to add washer fluid between the suggested maintenance visits like during the road grime heavy cold seasons, always make the use of the accurate Lexus approved fluids for your current state.

  1. Always keep your climate system inlets clear

The outer vented area in front of your windshield is essential for your sophisticated Lexus climate control system. It is the role of the intake that feeds the system and equips a fan to provide optimum airflow to the cabin. To make sure of the proper fan operation, and hence optimal climate control system functionality, always get rid of the snow that is gathered over the air inlet vents.