4 Signs That Tell It’s Time For Brake Replacement

Brakes are an essential part of any vehicle. It is important to keep them in tip-top condition, ignoring which, can lead to accidents. However, not everyone is inclined toward keeping their automobiles in pristine condition at all times. There are many who aren’t mechanically sound and cannot detect the vehicle-related issues before they result in a breakdown. But brake is that one part about which every driver must be aware of. This is because worn-out brakes can take a toll on your safety.

Do you know when your vehicle is not keeping well, especially the brakes, it gives you a fair warning in the form of different signs and signals. It is important you learn to decode these indications and get it set before any mishap. In this post, we’ll discuss 4 such symptoms that call for an immediate attention.

  1. Loud Screeching, Grinding, Rubbing, And Squealing Sounds: When you hear such eardrum piercing noises on applying brakes, it means your brake pads are getting low and are in need of replacement. Other concerning sounds come from metal tabs that are fixed at the top of brake pads, which also indicates a problem with the pads. Delaying it can cost you heavily on the brake job.
  2. It Takes Time To Stop The Vehicle: This sign directly indicates that there’s a problem with the brakes. They are not as responsive as they used to be. They aren’t getting enough friction for timely braking, which can be extremely dangerous. The occurrence of this symptom means, your vehicle needs a thorough professional inspection.
  3. You Get Drifted To One Side On Applying Brakes: If your car does this with you, the problem can be one of these two things: either the brake pads have been fixed unevenly and are working better on one side only or there’s some issue with the brake fluid. In any case, you will have to get your car checked by the mechanic.
  4. When Braking Causes Shaking: If you feel a vibration or a shake while applying a brake, the reason can be that one or more of the brake drums has become warped. This can be a big safety issue. So whenever something like this happens, do not procrastinate and get your brake system properly checked.

Never ignore when your brakes try to tell you something. If unaware of anything, online stores like can help and guide you with all the right products and replacements.